I am an average looking girl - how can I do more of myself?

For some people I am average and for some I am pretty or sometimes a bit more ( I really don't want to sound arrogant).

I am 5.8

Brown long straight hair

Brown little eyes

Pale skin


Long legs

Lil ass, little boobs

So how can I look better?! What can I do?


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  • First of all be confident. Its a fact that when you find yourself more attractive other people will too. If you have pretty eyes and good skin, wear a tiny bit of eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and stand out. Since you described yourself as kind of...petit, if you cut your hair in a bob it would be very cute and sexy at te same time. accentuate your legs and wear high waisted skirts and whatnot. Since you have a small chest, stay away from low cut shirts. Shirts with higher necklines will make your chest look better. Maybe not bigger, but you know. If you want to wear shorts, wear a tank top and pull it down over your butt to make it look a little bit bigger. Since you're pale, a VERY little amount of eyeliner and red lipstick would look good with your features. Don't wear tons of makeup or stuff or wear a bunch of bronzer or anything, you want to look PRETTY and NATURAL, not fake.


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  • I think I speak for most of us when I say 'pics or gtfo'.

  • wear better clothes, makeup, do your hair nicely, and just be more sexy

  • Girls like this generally have the best personality. If you have a pretty face you'll be fine.

  • You don't sound average; you sound below average.

    • And you sound like an a**hole

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    • Not everyone likes big butts and t*ts... Grow up!

      Like I said: for some I am average, for some I am below and for the others I am pretty.

    • Lol @ 7121uc. (:

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  • Well, I can't help you much since I can't see your face, but I'll go feature by feature:

    5'8"- me too! Enjoy that height. All the guys tell me girls our height are perfect (:

    Brown long straight hair- straight hair is fine for some of the time, but girls become so much more interesting when they curl their hair (Victoria's Secret curls, not banana curls!) or just add volume. It's so much more sexy and so much more interesting (:

    Brown little eyes- try opening your eyes up by putting white/peach eyeliner on your water line, liquid eyeliner on the top lash, smudge some dark eyeshadow on your lower lash line (not on the water line though! That will close your eyes) use a lot of mascara without clumping on top and bottom, put a light color all over the eyelids as a base and put darker colors on the outside and in the crease. Put a highlight on the inner corners of your eyes and the brow bone and SHABLAM! Bigger eyes INSTANTLY (:

    Pale skin- lay out, but not too much or you'll burn! Just get a glow and then use bronzer and this will not make you tan, but it will make you look healthier and sexier

    Skinny- wear clothes that make you look like you have more curves like blazers cinched in at the waist, bootcut jeans, pencil skirts, empire waist blouses, etc.

    Long legs- SHOW THEM OFF GIRL!

    Little ass and boobs- push up bra and jeans with bold details on the pockets like True Religion, Miss Me, Seven, etc (:

    AND THERE YOU GO (: I hope this helped! It was all I can do without a picture.

    • I would give you the best answer too but I can't :)

      Merci beaucoup for your help

    • Oh that's not a big deal. I don't go on here for best answers, I do it to help people who need it and spread some of the knowledge I have! (: I would respond in French, but I don't know how. Lol It's no problem at all! Message me if you have any more beauty questions because I can answer them!

  • You can gain confidence. I mean that seriously. I'm not trying to be a smart ass or aggravate you.

  • work on your makeup and pick colors that compliment your features

  • push up bra = every girls best friend!

    • Lol

    • trust me, it'll give you that extra confidence boost that you need to feel hot. Once you feel hot, guys will think you are because you'll look happy. All people like happy people.

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