Is it too over-rated to have a boyfriend?

Do you think some things are just overrated?

I am talking about having a Boyfriend.

Most of my friends that have had Bfs would rather be single.

I personally want a boyfriend but that might just be because I have never had one :/ I like this guy right now actually but I think its a little to complicated for what I would think for a bf.IS it Overrated?

Now I'm also talking about Friends with Benefits aswell.

Now this is from personal and friends perspectives.

Some of my friends have been in a friends with benefits relationship before and they end up hurt really bad. They really thought having sex would making the person like them and it didnt.

Now for me I Haven't gotten hurt and we have been doing this for a few months now and were still pretty good friends, we talk text and such and were perfectly fine with how we are right now since we are both single. I'm happy and so is he and we talked it out so that we only do it when both of us are single. No romantic feelings are involed.

So is friends with benefits overated aswell? Because it works for me but a lot of people be like they go threw so much pain because the person didn't like them back but isn't that the point of talking it out before you two start anything? to know each others' limits?

And Looks

I have a huge chest I'm about 5'10 and I have long black hair light caramel skin and I just lost about 60 pounds so now I have a flat stomach and a hourglass figure. now I have big thighs and hiips and very little butt but its getting bigger XP. But I have never had a boyfriend. I am friends with just about everyone in my school and very one loves to hang out with me and stuff, so I want to know like what am I missing? is looks overrated and is it something in my personality I'm missing? I kno you won't understand how I am because none of you know me but trust me I am a very nice person and a very optimistic person aswell. I do tend to play a little to much sometimes but still.

What do you think?

Tell me your opinion on any or even all of these topis :) id love to understand other peoples Pov'
and for looks I was simply describing myself don't think I was I was stating I think I have the perfect body I am just stating what I have


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  • relationships- go for it.

    fwb- always a sh*tty idea.

    and yeah. that's what I think.


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  • You sound like you're 15 with that crazy talk.

    • i am 15 thank you :) but I was serious because me and some of my friends were talking about it so I wanted a 3rd party opinion so yeah if you have nothing to contribute please don't post.

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    • i just want to know do you think its over rated to have a boyfriend/girlfriend is friends with benefits overrated and is haveing the medias 'perfect body' overrated thasts all I wanted to know and sorry it sounded like I got off topic in the question because I know I did.

    • Relationships are not overrated.

      FWB are high risk high reward, very much a gamble.

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  • High school relationships are a joke for the most part. Kids date just because they can, and because it's what everyone else is doing. If you have a boyfriend for the right reasons - you care about the person, are interested in having a serious long term relationship, then it's great. But most people aren't ready for that in their teens, so it's a sad excuse for a relationship and yea, that's over rated. Don't date someone just because you can.

    I've never seen friends with benefits end up well. Someone develops feelings for the other person, and ends up being hurt, so yes I agree with you.

    You sound pretty immature, and not ready to be dating so that's probably it. A guy won't care that much about your looks if your personality isn't up to par, or if you're immature.

    • Ditto on that last paragraph.

    • high school relationships I do see people date a person once every like 3 days just because they get bored and some want a good relationship but can't because of the who they are dating. thanks :) for your opinion

      i have only seen it end good once and they ended up married to other people and they are still best friends. but that's once in a blue moon.

      i am only 15 so I understand if you say I'm immature. I kno older guys want personality but guys my age are more into looks that's y I am asking

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