What is the big deal about make-up?

why is wearing makeup considered such a negative thing? I mean, what's the big deal about it?

esp on this site, you see so many questions from girls putting down other girls who wear makeup and from guys as well. Again I ask you, if you don't wear it fine, if someone else choices to wear it, again fine.

What's the big deal?


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  • So true. Men forget that I do it for ME and because it makes ME feel pretty.

    Personally, I don't like how I look without makeup. My skin tone isn't as even, my eyebrows are really light, my eyes don't stand out as much.

    Yes, I wear a full face of makeup, sometimes I wear really noticeable colors and line my eyes darker, sometimes I just line the tops of my eyes and wear natural colors.

    Either way, its for me. I would not compromise it for a boyfriend, and he would have to deal. It comes off in the shower, and stays off in the morning unless I'm going somewhere that day.

    Im the same way about hair length. Its my hair, let me do with it what I want.


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What Guys Said 2

  • not a big deal, I just prefer to see a girl's beautiful face the way it is

    • But its not about how you want her face to look, its about how she wants it. If she wants to wear makeup, its something you will have to just deal with.

    • i realize this, on a similar question, I put that I don't care as long as it's what she wants to do, I just don't want her to feel like I'm pressuring her to do it, or that I don't think she's beautiful if she doesn't wear makeup

    • Now THAT makes more sense. I hear way too many guys pull the " I like you the way you are" bull sh*t to try and convince me to not wear it. Its like, screw you, its not your face.

  • Some girls do not understand there are limits.


What Girls Said 2

  • I love makeup.

    But it all depends how you put it on.

    And makeup has ways of doing it...for different occasions...

    See I was going to a drag queen festival or halloween costume thing...i would load it on...

    if I was going to the mall...i don't need any but since I love that stufff...lipgloss/stick...mascara and bronzer will do me justice.

    Some People act like its a big deal...its just makeup...

  • Because some guys think they should be able to legislate how a girl decorates her face, and some girls like to feel superior to other girls because they choose to be barefaced.

    • I'm barefaced, and that has nothing to do with it.

      I just think it's unhealthy. And some do it wayyyy to early, like, 10 year olds, that's just nasty in my opinion. Other than that, your choice.

      As long as you don't force me to do it cause you think I'm being cocky when I'm simply stating makeup is not natural and therefor should be avoided when one can.

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