What drives guys crazy?

As in looks from girls, kissing, what girls say.

What drives guys crazy?


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  • Okay basically.

    This really really really depends on the guy. Every guy likes a good-looking girl, but not every guy likes a good looking girl who walks up to him and offers a blowjob and nothing else. Similarly, not every guy likes a girl who makes them wait, plays hard to get and chains her pants shut, for example. Also, different guys have different opinions on little details of what makes girls look good. Some guys like straight hair, others like girls in nurse outfits, others like pregnant women missing arms licking a gun and you really just can't tell.

    What you should do? You should just seem casual, nonchalant, and sexy (and really, all you need to do is LOOK sex, so no frilly anything or bows anywhere) and friendly. And when I say sexy, I don't mean in the Megan Fox "i can't close my lower lip" way, I mean in the "i am pretty hot and enjoy sex it's pretty good" kind of way.

    I can't guarantee you'll make a guy go crazy with this, but I really couldn't guarantee it for anything at all. Simply put, there is no guaranteed way to do it, not even walking up to him naked and rubbing your boobs all over his face, or being richer than paris hilton. You just have to do it the way that keeps your options open until you know the guy enough to make a good judgement on what he likes.


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  • 1st looks (legs, face, ass, boobs, general look of her body)

    2nd clothing (nice sneakers, tight jeans etc)

    3rd personality (not be stupid)

  • have an awesome body and say things girls aren't supposed to say (especially sexual things)

  • What drives me crazy is the way a girl looks away after she looked at me.

    I still remember how the first time I held my first girlfriend she looked away after we looked at each other. It was a mix between insecurity, happiness and cheekiness, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. It was at that moment that I got that strange gut-feeling where I realized that I really wanted to be with her.

    I've yet to meet any other girl that did anything alike, but when I do, I'll probably spend a couple of days on cloud nine :)


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  • Wear a skirt with no panties in public.

    Whisper dirty things to him with a straight face.

    Eat a hot dog while looking at his crotch.

    Bingo, he'll be pulling at you trying to get you somewhere private within seconds.

    Dammit, I'm too turned on for GAG.

    • You forgot eating a banana.


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    • Your comments are crushing my poor attempts at turning myself off. :\

    • link hope I have helped lol

  • Letting a guy know his worth

    NO dressing sexy will not make him go crazy

    be you and if you guys start dating then give him sexyness now and then

    flirt with him and be that girl that he needs and mostly wants because once you do that

    all else will follow


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