Guys: what are things a girl could do to offend you?

What things do girls do that either offend, annoy or put you off them?

For girls who answer: what things do guys do that turn you off?


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  • Annoy me/put me off them

    - Weavelious hair.

    - Use the word "is" instead of "are" or "am" in a sentence.

    - Belligerent attitude

    - When one gives me the b*tch look.

    Offend me

    - Think she can get with me when she looks like a complete mess, has kids, or is seriously overweight.

    - Assume that I only like white girls or skinny girls because I didn't/don't holler at any of the girls in the area.

    - When they come at me with an innocent attitude and perfect english thinking I can't see right through it.

    - When girls think they are the epitome of beauty because of their natural strait hair and light skin.

    • What is 'weavelious' hair?

      Also, sorry if the word 'is' in my above sentence annoyed you, but using the words 'are' or 'am' would not have made sense.

    • Weavelious: Girls that has tons of weaves in her hair.

      Here are a few examples of incorrect usage of the words "is" and "are".

      - Who do you think you is?

      - We should speak to one another because we is neighbors.

      - He asked me is I OK with him going to that school.

      - how is you doing today.

      - Is you crazy?

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What Guys Said 6

  • offend me nothing really...maybe insult a friend or family member because idc what people think about me. As far as annoying just being a typical bitch.

  • Being a bitch, any no contact stuff(and other hard to get BS), and saying you are in love after talking once or twice.

  • Ask if I'm gay. Seriously, girls do that way to much and they seem way to comfortable suggesting that a man is gay.

  • Always talking about herself, being a b*tch...

  • Ha ha; Good Question! :)

    When bitch don't tell you what the guy is supposed to have done wrong. Take that sulk ass face elsewhere till you cheer the f*** up.

    Blaming Hormones when you are simply pissed off. Just say "I'm pissed off"

    Hating the player when they knowingly took the player out of the game. What did you expect. Go cry to mumma again fool.

    What Lockjawx27 said about the gay thing. Just because I got style and looks don't mean I bat for the other team. Similarly just because you have a bit of a tash and wearing baggy arse trousers don't mean you drink from the furry cup.

    Saying she got a headache. Bitch should know that sex is a natural pain killer so that's no excuse. Now pull down those panties and say hello to my friend...

    I always try to make sure that my bitch knows who is in control. If she shows one ounce of being inclined to one of the above she gon feel pain. Swift

  • I did not feel anything last night.

    • Just say that to him.

What Girls Said 3

  • what things do guys do that turn you off?

    Saying he's a nice guy.

    * most likely it means he's bitter, resentful, angry, and has more issues with women than he's nice

    Thinking being born male means he deserves respect, appreciation or is better than women.

    * no the men who built civilization deserve respect not men in general for sharing the same genitals.

    Thinking a woman's body is public property or advertisement

    Being irresponsible, unreliable, dishonest, disloyal, lazy, or a slut.

    • lol man slut

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    • Everyone deserves respect.

    • @swagger

      Studies prove they have gotten it out of their system. Look up what behavior promotes cheating and lack of committment.

      Don't buy the propaganda men feed to women so guys can get girls of more character than themselves for partners.

      By that logic guys should marry sluts.

  • When a guy is mean, selfish, a general a**hole, thinks that because he is male he should be able to order me around or make all the decisions, I'm no feminist but I'm probably always gonna be earning more money than any guy I ever date so if he acts all high and mighty, makes all my decisions for me and crap I might just kick him lol :)

  • keeps talking and never shuts up


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