Hot or Not? The "Upfront Guy"

A guy tells you how it is. He tells you what he wants, how he wants it. If you don't like it then don't waste his time. Attractive or Insulting?

Example: "I'll pick you up at seven. Wear the blue dress, it looks good on you. And be ready when I get there. Don't keep me waiting, Sweetheart."

Guy says this to you...turned on or off?

Guys, come on be honest, have you ever wanted to tell a girl something like this?

So girls out with you like a guy in charge?


Most Helpful Guy

  • That sounds way too controlling LMFAO. What are you a dictator? hahaha

    A real man will take the decisions, sure, but take into account the feelings/choices of the girl as well. When you go choosing what she wears, how to behave, how to ... that's f***ing excessive lol.

    I'm a man in the real sense of the word, not a flat out d***. I can be, but not like this. I respect women. I'll take point on dates sometimes, like telling her that I always wanted to try out this restaurant or take her somewhere I think would be fun, etc. these lies/truths whatever, are MY choices but I choose to hope and make sure she has a great time above all. If she doesn't like it, we'll do it some other way, improvise if you will. But never take advantage or control a girl. This isn't the 15th century. Girls today can actually stand up for themselves and fight back for being mistreated by anyone. Yay for womens rights! ha ha I enjoy a girl with that inner strength, def a turn on.

    Anyway, If a guy acts like this, he's going to a one way trip to losersville/lonersville/chauvinistica**holesville... you get the idea. A person like this deserves to be alone til he cleans up his act.

    • I agree. My dad was controlling, so are my older brothers, so I can't stand it. And I won't. Just asked cause I wanted to know why people like this or are like this?

    • Theres people of all degrees in this world. Different childhoods, different life experiences, different times, cultures, upbringings, ideologies, religious and political, role models ETCETCETC. will influence a person to be who they are today.

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What Guys Said 1

  • have I ever WANTED to act like that? no not really. I'm pretty laid back. However, I know a few girls that actually want me to act like that. Its like they don't want to think for themselves or something, so instead of the whole "what do you want to do? I don't know what do YOU want to do?" conversation, I've learned to just tell them how things are going to be... BUT, if they have other ideas, and I don't really care one way or the other I'll adjust the plans and rephrase it in that same "ok here's how its gonna be" attitude. If I DO care one way or another I'll stand my ground and say "we can do that next time".


What Girls Said 5

  • Turn off.

    No I do not like a guy in charge. There's no reason for me to put my life/control is some random guy's hands or some guy's hands.

    If you find it hot don't worry most guys will jump at the chance to be in control and they love submissive women or forcing a woman to be submissive.

    • actually I'm with you. I don't really like the controlling guy. I don't like mushy oversensitive guys either, but if a guy told me what to do it would probably just p*ss me off. I was just curious because I know some girls like it and I want to know their reasoning.

    • Their reasoning is probably that it's masculine, they feel more feminine, they like dominant guys, they like being submisdive, or that they like being controlled.

  • Ha ha , I don't think I'd be able to stop laughing . Seriously :D

    Do men like that actually exist ? ... Still laughing at the thought of being spoken to like that :D:D:D

  • turn off.

    i mean I don't mind if the guy is controlling but this is too much.

    hope this helps :)

  • I don't like it.. way too controlling sounding.

  • That's such a turn off. I'd NEVER date a guy that tired to control me like that.

    If he said it in a different way, it might be okay.

    "I'll be there at seven to pick you up. I really like that blue dress on you.. it looks amazing!"


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