Is this a good style?

shoes- link

jeans- link

shirt- link

hat- link

and glasses Because I'm blind in my right eye

what can I change I will take any criticism and won't get mad so thanks for your input


Most Helpful Girl

  • I really like everything except for the shoes. DO NOT wear converse with that though, they're out dated. Wear nike high tops or something - not airs.

    • i knwo they don't look it but those shoes are high tops they go pretty high up for me, that other girl down there said to wear converse though haha

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    • i know my swag is off da chartz and once I get more build because I'm working on it I think it will look good thanks for your advice you sound like you know what your talking about

    • Well thanks, keep swaggin'! (:

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What Girls Said 4

  • Fedora hat please. So u'll look more like Bruno Mars instead of Philip Lawrence :) jp. I honestly do prefer a fedora though lmao.

  • I like it, but I like converses better. Your choice though, because I know some guys don't like to wear them :) but other than that I really like the style

  • I really like the fitted cap on.

    its cool.

  • The jeans and shirt are fine, but the hat and shoes scream douche alert to me.

    • haha aight, I have short hair so I wear a hat, what can I do then instead

    • I generally don't like guys in hats. A baseball cap for your favorite team is OK, but other than that, no hats. Also, long hair is better than short.

    • i look horrible in long hair though, this sucks

What Guys Said 1

  • the shoes are cool

    jeans and o,k

    the shirt is fine

    the hat not so much

    • lmao I probably get 10 compliments a day when I wear that hat I don't know why people on here say its not fresh

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    • straight up son

    • It cool bro

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