What to do if you have a bad smile?

Basically, I have a sh*tty smile. I think it looks awful, so whenever I see a cute girl and we make eye contact, she may smile, and ill try not to, or be straight faced and look away..So, I feel like I'm giving people the wrong vibe.


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  • You are giving people the wrong vibe. If I smailed at a guy and he just looked away...well that is definitely not a good vibe. If you feel like smiling, just smile. A good personality is more attractive than good looks. Plus even though your trying to maintain your looks, its not working to your benifit because you seem uninterested in them.

    • But when I smile, I feel like they will become the uninterested one..immediately.

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    • Idk.. I think you'd feel different if you saw how bad it was.

    • Like I said, when you don't smile it says you are not interested, so it is like a no right off. But do what you want.

  • Smize!


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