What color looks good on dark hair (like dark dark brown almost black)?

Ok so I guess this is a question for girls (or guys if your into beauty) but I have really dark hair bored with it, and I want to either get highlights or dye it. what color would be pretty, not too crazy, but noticeable? I went to the salon and tried to get it highlighted like very thin strands 2 shades lighter than my own it was called mocha and was a brownish chestnutty color but didn't show and I was very upset but didn't have to pay for the highlights only the haircut. any tips/advice ideas?


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  • Now, I dye my hair but years ago I had dark brown hair and I used to do highlights. I'll tell you what looks fabuolous on dark hair.

    Do several thin strands of golden blond. ALOT. Thick strands look awful and non-professional. Do it at a salon not by yourself.

    Don't go for chestnutty or dark shades like that because it will never show with your dark hair. Go brighter and don't worry, it looks fantastic.

    • thank you so much for your input! :) I'm a little afraid to go blond lol always liked brown but it didn't show :( so I'll give your advice a try..maybe pick a dirty blond color..

    • Don't worry! I was afraid at first too but it turned out lovely :) Darker shades will never show. Just don't forget, plenty of thin strands ;-) Keep me updated!

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  • link

    since I like redheads...and you have black hair..i figured it would be good..thats tara (from TNA) with red low/highlights not sure which..i find it really attractive and she's even done it brighter than that..just figured thatd be subtle enough for you...

    • it looks good on her :) thanks for the advice! I'm kinda looking for a more natural but noticeable look not so bright red...but ill think about a color in the red family :)

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  • have you considered a henna rinse?

    • i tried to put henna in it like 3 years ago, it was natural henna and it only showed in the sun but pther than that it didn't show indoors really. not noticeable...and my natural hair is already like brown in the sun so it didn't make a difference, just kinda turned it orange or red in the sun.

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