Attractive quality?

do guys find girls who surf as an attractive or intriguing quality? why?


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  • Well, personally I just find that flippen awesome mate. But it really all depends on the guy and there views on it for me its really both.


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  • Thats the only thing I'm looking for!


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  • i love guys who surf; I surf myself.

    i feel that it's a sick interest that is shared in common,

    and mutual interests obviously benefit relationships.

    i find it attractive, cause you can do a lot of activity-related . . . activities, ahah


    going on a date, you could go to the beach, surf,

    relax on the beach

    go out to a tropical resturant

    go look at some new boards, and gear

    if the relationship got serious, you could take a vacation to hawaii together!

    idunno, it seems cool to have a guy who surfed:]

    i doubt a guy would have the exact same answer as me, but they'd probably see benefits in having a girlfriend that surfed, if they were a surfer also.

    but even if they don't,

    most guys enjoy a girl that is athletic, and has talent at something