Where should the oil be on a motorcycle?

When looking through the Eye glass hole into the engine " where you can see the oil in the engine, located bottom of the engine" Where should the oil be on that little circle? half way?
So I'm good... found out how to do it.. I really do appreciate it guys. Thanks alot


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  • Using the indicator that lets you see the oil level in the engine, it should be at the top line. This is when the bike is level and NOT on its sidestand. So level it out and have someone else look at it while you've got it off the sidestand.

    • I leveled it out and the oil is barely touching the top line.. and the color of the oil is brownish.. not black yet but it is alittle darker then synthetic looking oil

      I think I'm good. I went riding and it sounded great

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    • nice looks pretty close to the Ducati monster hahaaha

    • It's basically the poor man's monster. =)

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  • The oil should reach the TOP line.

    • If there are no lines, then there should be a tiny air bubble visible at the top... just barely.

    • And be sure its not on its sidestand when you're checking the oil indicator.

    • correct.

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