Ladies which is most comfortable for you?

G-String: When people refer to butt floss, they are picturing a g-string. Featuring little more than a triangle in the front and a thin string around the hips and between the cheeks.

Chip G String: A very small G String with a small, low cut front panel.

Micro G String: This is probably the smallest G String currently available. A bikini wax is definitely recommended for this tiniest of thongs.

Half Back: More coverage than a traditional T Back thong but les than a full back bikini.

Micro Thong: This thong had G String sides, thong back and chip cut front panel.

Quick Release Thong: Traditional style thong with side clips for easy exit. This thong is an exotic dancer favorite.

SJ Thong: Like a traditional thong but with skinny sides like a G String.

T-Back: T-backs offer more coverage than g-strings, and the side straps stretch straight across the top of the buttocks. From the back, the straps resemble the letter "T."

Rio: The Rio is similar to the T-back, except the side straps rise above the hips.

Tanga: The tanga exposes the bottom of the butt cheeks, but covers everything else.


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  • I pose the same question to you.


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  • Quick Release Thong

    my girlfriend uses that..shes a gogo dancer..


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  • Wow that is a long list of underwear. I wear g strings and tanga.

  • any thong is very comfortable to me


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