What do you think of a girl with semi-androgynous features?

i don't look manly or boyish at all, but I don't look super feminine either. I don't look like one of those cute little girlie girls guys seem to like so much. I look like a girl, I'm not so androgynous that you'd question my gender, but my features lean more towards the androgynous side than most girls.

features kinda like this: h ttp://1.bp.blogspot.c om/_kPYhm3_ATI0/Ssh-D0Rz9eI/AAAAAAAAAQE/n41wmqjs_kA/s320/samantha_ronson1.jpg

my hair is short right now but I'm going to grow it longer. I definitely dress like a girl, though. my body is small and petite, so I'm not curvy or busty like a woman, but I still have a girl's body.


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  • In the link you put... well, her hair's a bit too short in my opinion... but I'm sure many guys would be all over someone like that. Anyway, I'm sure you're fine. As long as you don't look manly you're all good.


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