What clothes do you like on girls, guys?

What do you like on girls? What looks sexy? describe please.

what color of hair do you like? What style of clothes do you like?


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  • just be yourself and love yourselv, so other guys will love you

    don't try to be liked by all


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  • Diff people have different tastes but there are certain things that guys tend to like"

    Long shiny hair wavy or straight not really super curly

    Pretty eyes

    A nice smile


    Clothes that show off your shape without looking skanky. I say keep it to flaunting one feature at a time like if you are wearing a low cut shirt don't wear a very short skirt or if you are wearing pants with it make sure your midriff is covered. Clothes that are tight but not "I'm spilling into something too small on me" are sexy like a nice pencil skirt that hits close to your knees but shows off the shape of your ass.

    A lot of them tend to like heels because they make your legs look long and sexy and make you walk with a certain sexy posture that thrusts out your hips and butt.

    With makeup nothing bright or obvious but play up the eyes with neutral colored stuff like mascara and a neutral colored eyeliner (ranging from brown to brownish black to black depending on your coloring) is key, keep it thin, pair it with a little blush or bronzer and shiny but not bright lips.

    Hair down.


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