Do guys really get hurt? (read the story before voting please)

I know this "cool" guy. He is good looking and out going. He asked me if I wanted a ride home, and I told him to go away. I stormed out of the room kinda pissed. In my mind I couldn't believe he that he was talking seriously. But I told my friends later and they said I was being cruel. When I apologized to him 3 weeks later he said he really wasn't going to give me a ride. I was like you bastard! I was thinking that I should have never apologized in the first place! So, do guys really get hurt?

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He told me that he didn't have an extra helmet.


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  • Personally, there are different types of guys. There are the guys that just don't really care and there are the guys that actually do care. Some of us guys will ask you if you want a ride home because we care about you and want to make sure your safe. Other guys are just dicks and try to impress their friends by seeing how many girls they can get to say yes. I personally would never ask someone if they needed a ride just to say no. Also you appologizing, he might have said he was never going to give you a ride home because he felt that you really did not mean you were sorry because of the long delay in saying it. Also it might have been just to "impress" his friends. He might actually care about you and did want to give you a ride home but because of how the situation went down decided to be a dick about it. Who knows but yes guys do get hurt. I believe that the guys that are hurt the most are the ones who are usually shy and don't do sports or really stand out. Those are the guys that usually also have fun things to talk about and that care because they see how badly other guys treat women.

    • He isn't the type to be a dick...

      Even if he is amazing. He is an awesome person. I just wanted to believe that I didn't hurt him that bad.

      That didn't work.

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    • Guys are confusing...idk why he said he didn't mean it but my best guess is because he did like you and felt that offering a ride to you showed that and by being told "no" was some what of a rejection of even being friends. In the end when you appologized he might have said he didn't mean it as a form of "an eye for an eye" or you get what you gave me.

    • Lol... yeah... in that case I would understand that if I liked the guy.

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  • He clearly liked you therefore offered you a lift home. Cos ya said no it hurt his already inflated ego and he had to style it out by saying he wasnt gonna give you a lift anyway. A lot of guys are good at styling out things to make it that we don't care, deep down they are hurt by the "rejection".

    • Ah... sometimes I can start believing that he does like me. For the small things he does. Then my subconscious kicks in and tells me that it's not possible. (another reason I was a bit mean about it) ... I have this "belief" that no one will ever like me. It was engraved in my mind since I was young. This feeling is strong, and I hope that one day I will be able to escape that feeling.

    • I think you suffer from a heavy self doubt. I'm sure guys do give you genuine attention but because your always in that element of doubt, you will naturally come across a bit cold and distant, which would give the guy the impression you dislike him, then he'll move on. Stop being in doubt! Yes be carefull but if a guy shows you interest, it means he is interested. If a guy approaches you, it means he likes you/ Yes some guys have different intentions but you can easily spot them out.

  • Haha. You know the real thing that happened. Okay. So he really meant that at that time. But you acted like you are pissed and hurt his ego and now he is trying to make you feel down the same wasy. It is sort of an ego thing that happened. And are you serious? Of course guys get hurt.

    • E_e ... yea I was serious...

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    • Look if you like him and he likes you then what's up with all these ego issues. Since it's just the begining keep a large personal space in between but you should treat each other good and with respect - not with contempt, right? Negativity always attracts more negativity (Ironically this negativity thing that I just said was the thing she was talking about the last day we talked).

      Yeah, so if you think he is good enough, talk to him when he is not with friends and resolve the ego issues first.

    • I did tell him why I said no. We talked for a while and then he turned and told me that he does need another helmet. lol.... then I went on and told him something that in my point of view kinda scared him. I was like oops.... haha

  • yeah guys do get hurt, we'r not made of steel you know. but we show our hur in a diffrent way.

    the reason he probably said that is because you did hurt him


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