He told me that I looked beautiful. Do you think I should stop going to this shop?

i went out today to the shop across the road to buy some milk and drinks , the minute I entered the shop the guy drops tha basket full of bottled drinks and his mouth falls open , I stood shocked for a bit and I was wondering what's wrong with me ?! I then went near the fridges and he told me that he was sorry but he was taken back by my cardigan ( it was very normal , a peach colored cardigan nothing special ) so I told him its a pretty normal piece of clothes , he told me that I looked beautiful .. do you think I should stop going to this shop and go to a different one even though this one is closer , there are many other incidents not only this one and I feel scared at times because its a kind of small shop

what do you think ? or am I just exaggerating , by the way he tried to touch my hand a couple of times :/


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  • That's over reaction. You can tell a girl she looks beautiful and without dropping what you're holding with a subtle compliment and a smile.

    You're gorgeous Jennah! My keyboard didn't brake though.

    • yeah I think he was doing a bit of acting , ( by the way he's a terrible actor :S)

  • Just your friendly neighborhood weirdo. It seems very strange. Lol

  • :O

    You're so beautiful! *drools*

  • Seeing your age is under 18 apparently I'd stay the f*** away from that place. If you decide to go there anyway and he continues. There's always a fun number you can call which is in some countries known as 911


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  • Yeah...I also think he's just a neighborhood weirdo...

    Doesn't mean he'll be in that same shop every day...try it a couple more times, see if he's there.

  • get over it.


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