I'm totally changing my wardrobe and makeup style. Hey girls, question! More like questions!

Alright, so I'm totally changing my wardrobe and like makeup style and stuff. I'm of course going to pick my styles but what do you think are some really cute, clothes that I could probably check out when I go school shopping.

Also makeup! What are some really good foundations, I mean I know their really isn't any good ones but ones that are very oily looking and stuff.

Also shoes! Help me out girls! Could use the advice on styles and stuff.

I've moved to a different place and I really just wanna try and get some new things and be a new me. I don't have very good style and I don't like them either, probably because I can't say no to my ma...

but still could use some stores to maybe check out. Make up products and also, Hair styles!

I have extreme curly hair and I have no idea what to do with it. Straightening sometimes takes way to long.

If you can answer any of these questions please could you help me out?


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  • buy 3 pairs of jeans black , dark blue and standard blue they go with just anything

    shirts : peach , pink , turqoise , basically all the bright colours , don't get anything dull unless it doesn't match your skin colour

    skirts : knee length , try and go for the plain ones

    accesories : little scarfs to drape around your neck , big necklaces , small simple rings have a big effect

    xxx mascara and max factor foundation :)


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  • what do you look like..and no don't explain it...dress for your body type..also what do you wear now?


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  • Covergirl Natureluxe (that foundation sponsored by Taylor Swift?) Foundation is the BEST foundation I have ever used. It may be pricey at around $9, but a little goes a LONG way with it. It is generally made of natural products so it is good for your skin and looks very natural. It can be bought at walmart too! :)

  • Clothes- Aeropostle, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Wetseal

    Make Up- Idk, don't wear it.

    Shoes-Depends what you like

    Hair- Easy hairstyles :) link

  • Clothes-- I suggest Forever21. They have clothing to suit many types of styles and are inexpensive. link

    Makeup-- I love BareEscentuals mineral powder foundation. It has buildable coverage but never looks caked on and is natural, so it's not as bad for your skin as other foundations. link

    Hair-- Ouidad is made specifically for girls with curly hair. Find your curl type and texture and this will tell you what products are meant for you. link

  • Depends what you like :) this is more me: leather jackets, corset tops, mini skirts or maybe shorts. But you could tone it down with some black ripped skinny jeans, a black floral tee shirt and a black leather jacket or a White floral tee with a brown leather jacket and some acid wash skinnys :) shoes wise I would say stuff like cute flats and converses, but you could try some studded heels :) makeup, I would go with MAC or something more high end because it really is worth it for good makeup that doesn't make your face dry or oily. Try tammys, h and m, hot topic, forever21, but I like vintage stores :) they have really nice stuff


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