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Okay there's this girl in our school and well she's really beautiful, smart and kind. I may be exaggerating but everything I look for in a girl is found in her. We know each other but I don't know I get really shy when she's around and all I can do is smile and wave. I'm not usually like that, cause if you're gonna rate me I'm about one of the top 10 people in our batch that has the highest personal relations skills. I mean I can speak with different kinds of people for various reasons even if I don't know them and I can easily become friends with them, the problem is she's an exception. So How can I get her number without tipping her off that I like her? She's one of the most intelligent girls in our country and she was put into a special program in our school because she topped an exam. So I'm thinking that she might take her studies as her greatest priority and boys are not needed? So I'm afraid that if she knows that I like her she might avoid me because she doesn't want any 'distractions' in her studies. Well all of those are my speculations but they make sense right? We have no common friends and we only met because of a fateful event.


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  • What you first have to do is talk to her. Get to know her better and then invite her to go get food with you sometime. Just be like "Hey, would like to go get lunch sometime?" its nothing new for you because you said that your really good at talking to people you don't know so just pretend she is not the a girl you want to be with just friends with and try to talk to her and just a simple lunch date as friends and nothing more. Just ask her and if she is kinda in a rush she might just give you her number and tell you to call her to figure it out otherwise just make the plans to hang out sometime. Ask if she can help you with your homework if your in the same class. She is smart and probably going to be willing to help you if you are friends. Just try something small like that to start and I hope everything works out well for you.


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  • if you have any classes with her ask her to study with you because you couldn't anderstand ur notes and ur hoping that she can explain something to u. if she doesn't ask her to go have a drink with you sometimes. nice and easy.