Realized I really like my guy friend?

I'm not too sure, but I'm pretty sure I like my best guy friend more then a friend. He is kind of a bad boy and I'm a super goody-two-shoe. I don't know it's weird. We talked once about going on a date for Valentine's day but I had previous plans, then we planned on going to prom together but then he couldn't go at all. We both just got cheated on by our bfs and gfs this summer tho and ended the relationships (odd coincidence, I know lol) I'm not too sure what to do in this situation. Any advice would be super nice(: please and thank you!


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  • i think you should go for it. I mean fate didn't bring the two of you together for nothing. if you really like him. find out how he feels and decide what to do from there. I hope it works out and you 2 get together. I have fallen for my best guy friends before too. : ) lol. good luck