My eyes are really weird. Could it be sun damage? Anyone else have eye abnormalities?

When I was born my eyes were blue. Then when I was 4 my eyes changed in to a very dark brown. Then the dark brown started getting lighter when I was 11-12. And they've kept getting lighter. My eyes are hazel now. I'll come across people who think my eyes are green and they'll comment on "How green they are." an stuff like that. But the majority of people see my eyes as a light brown. Lately I've been checking them out in the mirror up close. I've noticed that my eyes are amber looking but there's a small ring of dark brown that goes around the black part. Then there's cracks or crevices in the amber part that have greenish blue inside them. They're really small cracks. I think my eyes are changing colors again, but I don't know what it will change in to this time. I think it's going to be amber. Or this could be sun damage? Anyone else have weird problems like this?


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  • My eyes change colors on a day to day basis. Some days they're blue, some their green, some they want to be brown and others they are a mixture of any or all of those colors. I've even got a picture of them naturally being PURPLE. I can't tell you whether this is sun damage. That idea has never occurred to me. But the next time you go in for an eye exam be sure to mention it just in case. I have friends who have eyes that change colors too but we all consider it normal for our eyes. If it does turn out to be something dangerous though, please let me know!


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  • you know what.. just check it in case its a problem.. like something that would cause you to be blind early.. BUT WOW>> You are so lucky to have a PROBLEM like that men.. my eyes are just stuck dark brown.

  • That is part of growing up, you start with blue but as you age they change color. When I was a baby I kinda had a Happa look now I can be more latino or southern European.

    • That's funny cause I'm quapa. Or quarter Asian haha. My mom has really dark brown eyes and my dads eyes are really dark but sometimes you see small patches of dark green in there. I think I mustve got some really recessive genes for my eyes because mine are waaaay lighter than my parents

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    • Oh whoa that's weird

    • Yeah. It is kind of cool though because people try to guess what I am but they can never guess the right nationalities. I get so many southern european and latino things now that I am older. I guess I could pull off a hapa or quapa. Since I live in LA, a lot of mexican people give me dirty looks because I don't speak spanish.

  • ummm.. why is that a problem? it sounds really nice...


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