My hair is terrible?

i have a bit shorter than shoulder length hair. where I gum it it has a line, and I can't do anything with it. flat iron won't do anything to it, and if I curl it its even messier. help?
* I meant scrunchie by gum (sorry,english is not my native language)


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  • I don't understand what you mean by where you gum it? Talk to a hair specialist anyway, they know all about this. It might just be a cutting issue or something...

    Whats your display picture btw? Its f***ing amazing

    • i think gum is another name for gel Jack! and agreeing on the display pic!

    • my pic is from dexter,the woman is a pyromaniac, I love her :D

    • I was thinking about the gel/balm thing but they wouldn't leave lines :O if you mean schrunchy then it must just be the imprint then from the forcing your hair back. I wouldn't pay it too much mind, if it really bothers you you can stop using the scrunchie =]

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  • Gum it? Does that mean you put gum in your hair or something? Anywhoooo I like this hairstyle


  • what color is you hair? is it pin straight? is it thick or thin?

    • its balck,thick and kinda straight except for the line crated by the scrunchie

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