What is wrong with a good looking woman being funny?

I was out the other night with a couple of my male friends. I was cracking jokes and being witty. It is just who I am. Then one of them says "Stop it, you are already ahead because of your looks." I get it, he is saying that I am good looking so I don't need to be funny. What is wrong with a good looking woman being funny? If I had to choose between being good looking or funny, I would choose funny.


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  • It's too intimdating to have both the looks and the brains. Guys would appreciate if you keep a low profile so they would outshine you and thus feel better about themselves.

    • You could be right. That's too bad for them because I am not hiding anything for anybody.

    • I feel you :) I'm only describing how they feel and, yes, it's too bad.

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  • There is nothing wrong with it and like that girl that got MHA said he probably felt intimidated by you but please don't let that change the way you are. I wish more good looking woman had a beautiful attitude like you. :)

  • Absolutely nothing wrong with a good looking woman who is also funny. I'd love that personally. I guess he felt he couldn't keep up, what a wimp. I would have accepted the challenge and gone head to head with you...and won. ;)

    • I love it when someone likes to have a battle of the wits. You are very presumptious if you assume you would win.

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    • I didnt' say I would win and I didn't say I would lose so I would say you are more presumptuous. LOL

    • I was hoping you'd catch on to the first battle being presumptuousness (if indeed that is a real word). Looks like I took round 1. jk ;)

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  • its too good for them :P jk but guys don't feel confident around girls who have looks and personality ( not all of them ) :)

  • I. Thinking he's into you and kind of intimidated, don't change lol you sound awesome! I love whitty people :)

    • No he is not into me, we go way, way back. He is like my big brother and I am like his little sister.

    • Thank you I have no intention of changing.

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