Guys and girls: proper reaction to this?

If a girl and a guy had recently met and hit it off well and anmutual friend may have observed this or heard about it or even spoke to him about it (they are good friends but I don't know if he said anything to her) and then she brings it up twice on two separate occasions such as "why don't you two date?" what is the best response to that?

When put in this situation, I just raised my eyebrows and looked at her to avoid eye contact with him, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking at me...

Was that the proper response? What would have been better? How would you respond and GUYS: WHAT RESPONSE WOULD YOU WANT FROM HER?


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  • well if I KNEW he liked me back, I would just laugh and say something like "because he hasn't asked me out yet".. there's no need to keep playing cat and mouse when you know there is something between you and him :)

    • Well I have a GUESS that there is something, but I'm not sure...

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