What is the best kind of hair removal?

I am SICK and TIRED of shaving my legs. I always miss patches and I end up with nicks, cuts, pain and razor burn.

I've tried Smooth Away and I liked it a lot, the problem is I can't find it anywhere! I've tried Walgreens, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, even Albertsons! It's no where to be found.

So I've started considering hair removal creams, sprays and every other type of hair removal system (except waxing, not really into waxing my legs) so I was wondering what way do you prefer to get rid of your leg hair?

What is the brand? Why do you like it?

Anything and everything is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I bought some Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream tonight. I guess I'll find out soon if it works. Thanks for the help guys!


Most Helpful Girl

  • nair and veet , though I tend to wax mostly

    itsa bit painful but you don't have to do it for 4 weeks , veet strips are good , they get rid of all the dead skin cells and give you shiny hairless legs :)


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  • nair

    nads(wax) - hair takes longer to grow (=


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  • i use nair

  • Lasers are wonderful.

    • I don't really have the money or the time for that. I wouldn't even know where to go. I live in a tiny hick town so I REALLY doubt they have anything like that here. I'm just looking for an in-home solution.

    • It don't take but an hour for your legs and yes it is expensive BUT its well worth it.

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