I'm a 5'8" guy with a weight that is constantly fluctuating..how do I go about clothes?

yeah...im a 5'8" guy and my weight tends to fluctuate a lot..im not like anorexic or w/e I just have a hard time keeping a constant weight..so how the hell do I go about dressing myself...what should I be buying?


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  • I don't know. For hot weather try for shorts with elastic waste bands and such so that if you lose or gain weight they should still fit. You probably have a couple of sizes that you frequent, and I suppose your options are to A) Find a way to stabilize your weight, or B) buy clothes in all of those sizes, or C) Buy the largest size and a belt, and be content to drown in them when you're on the smaller side.


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  • maybe buy the bigger size of pants and a belt so you could just tighten it. what do you think of being 5'8? ha ha kinda random but that's my height and I was never really sure how I felt about it haha

    • i HATE it..im a basketball (fan)..and I shoot hoops on occasion...yeah...

    • could be shorter haha, but ya I wish I had a couple more inches too

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