I wear glasses, how can I fix my makeup?

i feel really comfortable with eyeliner and mascara. like winged eyeliner. my eyes look like the 2nd one on the top row or like the one under it. but my friend says my eye looks a little bit smaller, help :/

i have big lips, high cheekbones and kinda medium nose also


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  • As a beauty therapist id reccomend taking so much attention away from your eyes and onto your lips, a natural colour for large lips I find works better than a dark red or bright colours, A PINK OR a natural pink is ideal followed with lip gloss to shine.

    As for your eyes, because you wear glasses is no big deal at all, only problem is some glasses tend to magnify or make the eyes look smaller, id reccomend putting eyeliner half way across the eye from the outter eye half way in, to make the eyes look larger use light colours for eyeshadow as these magnify but blacks and dark colours will recede making your eyes look smaller. If you have large eyes and want them to look smaller then blacks and browns are your colour.

    high cheek bones are the best cheeks to work with use a rose blush to highlight and frame your face.

    i hope this helps.

    • thanks :D ! so I would be good if I do my eyeliner like halfway with some shimmery champagne colored eyeshadow right? like no smokey eyes or anything crazy?

    • instead of using black eyeliner a blue or grey even a brown can work amazingly, smokey eyes are nice you don't have to go all out like model makeup you can slightly coloured smokey eyes, just experiment with what you like best, different layers, shades and colours...:)

    • thanks hun you really helped out :D

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  • I hate wearing my glasses. Whenever I wear them with my makeup, it looks like I packed TONS on. I found that it's easier to do this:


    BTW I think the beauty therapist is right on spot.

    Hope this helped.


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