How to overcome shyness?

Im really shy and have no friends but my sister who I hang out with in school. I messed up my first years in HS by being quiet and now just want to have friends and speak, because I am naturally an outgoing and happy person. But I can't just walk into class and say hi to a random person and just talk riight away. So how can I make friends? Without being overbearing/acting weird?

PS I'm not one of those odd chicks in high school that wear weird clothes. I'm exceptionally pretty and wear normal clothing

Please help


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  • hm.

    i would suggest starting out of school really... find an activity you're good at (for me it would be cycling) and join it outside of school. find friends there. then when you just overcome the shyness outside of school, you'll be able to do the same in school. same general thing for in school stuff- I know that if you join certain clubs, they have a team feeling to them- you'll easily be able to find friends.

    once you find a few good friends, you can grow your circle exponentially! xD


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