I have a significant amount of hair through out my body. But I really want an arm tattoo. Bad idea?

I'm thinking a half sleeve. But will I have to continuously shave my arm after I get my tattoo. My arm hair isn't really dark from my elbow up but it's all over. Any experienced tattoo people out there that can help?
Hmm cool! Thanks guy! Sure helped me make up my mind.


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  • It'll grow over/through. I've got a tattoo on the upper outside of my left arm, have for about a year now, and I can still see it through the arm hair. My tattoo was more symbolically for me, though, I'm not one to show it off much, and sunlight can fade a tattoo, so I don't mind the way it is.

    • You're right about them fading. I had a heart TAT on my right delt & it is fading away. Just like the girl faded away that I had it put on for

    • You have to think very carefully before getting a tattoo, if you have hairy arms you can shave them off at any time, however, a tattoo will be there for life, I knew a man some years ago who had the name of his wife tattooed on his arm, a year later he got a divorce and remarried, but the name of his first wife is still on his arm despite all types of removal, so think carefully before getting a tattoo. By the way the only things I have on my body are hairs, I do not have any tattoos on myself

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  • Hair typically doesn't grow back in the area you got tattooed.


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  • Not to disagree with the lost little girl diO olb but I have a arm wrap (band) around my left bicep. My hair does grow through it.

    I have kind of hairy arms & I shave them once a week with a beard/hair trimmer. I'm trimming down south & trimming my pits anyway so what's a few more minutes?

    • Same here. I got a tat on one bicep and the other forearm, and the hair grows right through it. I just let it. My hair's fine enough that it doesn't cover up the tattoo or make it look goofy. Enough guys have arm tattoos with hair growing through it that it's not a big deal. If it becomes a big deal for you, then yeah, shave it.

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