Does this mean I'm "too good looking" for my boyfriend?

there's a website where guys rate all the girls at our school and girls rate all the guys. you have to enter your student id number to use it so it knows if you're a guy or girl and will only let you rate the opposite gender.

the choices are really pretty/handsome, pretty/handsome, average, ugly, and really ugly.

the front page displays all the results.

for me it says 19% really pretty, 62% pretty, 19% average

for my boyfriend is says 24% handsome, 44% average, 24% ugly, and 8% really ugly

do these numbers mean I'm better looking than my boyfriend?

and I'm not gonna break up with him over this or anything I'm just curious.


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  • I don't think it means much of anything except people at your school are really shallow.

  • I fail to see the point here. Especially since you said you weren't going to break up with him.


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  • Yes it means you're better looking than your boyfriend to the people on the site.

  • In the opinon of your peers yes. In the opinion of anyone else, possibly not.

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