Why do some people only look good/want to buy expensive clothing?

It seems like there are some girls who do not look good in clothing that is usually found in stores like Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and usually have to resort to expensive boutique clothing stores to find a piece of clothing that looks good on them.

My mother usually only buys me clothes that are found in pricey boutique clothing stores and will rarely buy me anything that is found in dept. stores...

Can anybody relate to this and have mothers that buy them clothing from only "boutique stores" or from other established and expensive stores?
oh, and by the way, we are not that rich...


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  • Hmm , its either ego or preference. I shop all over the place, from different stores, ill even travel to a place out of my area just to check out their store. People feel if they buy expensive stuff they will be automatically hot or cool. I won't lie when it comes to fashion I tend to go crazy buying things, but usually its the amount of things I buy. If I got a blazer that's brand is D&G, opposed to just another blazer that may look the same but its a different brand and its not as popular. Say I was wearing that blazer, is people going to stop me and ask me what brand is it? Not really, No one cares. Its either your preference, I like wearing all kinds of things, So in reality its all in peoples heads.


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