What do guys look for in girls?

I've been wondering your (the guys) opinion on what you look for in girls. What does a girl have to do to been seen as attractive and stuff in your (the guys) eyes?


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  • looks- she has to look well-kept and decent. doesn't have to have a rocking body. but decent.

    the rest is all personality. some guys like shy girls, some guys like really out there girls.

    oh. and confidence is an universal thing. all guys like girls that are confident in their own skin.

    • ok :) thanks. What is your personal choice?

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    • haha. that's really cool =D

    • Bahahaha I guess

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  • Welcome Miss Under18askingthisquestion!

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    • Read the hundreds of questions that have been asked before you.

      I know, you believe that by asking the same question you'll get unique results cus you feel special, well, the truth is, this is one of the more annoying spam questions I've seen. Others noticed too, I'm one of the few who bring it up.

    • Wow... you obviously don't know me. I am too lazy to read other peoples posts. I am asking for the guys personal point of view on it. so of course I'll get different answers. they were all saying guys in general. I am talking about you personally. That is why these guy are actually answering me. is because I am spamming? that is not why I asked the question. I asked it because I want to start conversation. please don't accuse me of spam. I hate that.

  • looks comes first...cuz its the first thing a guy notice in a girl...then comes the other stuff

  • again? OK.

    Appearance: Casual dress and less feminine. Sk8ter look is cool. The only feminine style I like is the punk/goth/emo style. Well kept hair. good hygiene. decent teeth. Not too big

    Personality: Playful, honest, slightly mean/aggressive/bossy in a playful manner, pushy, direct, open, somewhat shy, silly, and nerdy/geeky is all great in my book.

    If you asked me out and tell me that I should because you're f**kin awesome. That would be AWESOME!

    No kids!

    • xD Bahahahaha that is what I was looking for. I am asking because I am trying to be out going... even though I'm introverted...

  • Looks.

  • well at your age it's likely one thing. However besides that I like a woman who can control her emotions and not use the cop out "well I'm a woman...so it's okay I act crazy".

    • That a ridiculous reason... "it's OK to do it because I'm a woman" xD I am really not that young... am I?

    • actually sweetie in some ways younger girls sometimes act more logical/respectful than older woman. That may sound ridiculous, but let me explain. As some girls get in their early/mid 20s they begin realizing how much power they have (especially if they are attractive) to use their sexuality to manipulate people (usually men) into getting what they want. Then they start to age/lose power and get bitter at guys like me who like younger girls (go figure). Remember karma and men will like you

    • oh wow lol I don't use sex to get what I want... that's just stupid xD I will never use that kinda power... I am suposedly perfect for p*rn but honestly girls my age are thinking about babies and such...

  • Attraction and a compatible personality are the two things guys look for. Things like education, and confidence I file under personality. Some guys like that sort of thing, some guys don't. I don't really care one way or the other about a woman's education level, as long as she loves me. Other guys feel it is a priority that his woman be educated. Every guy is going to be different.

    All I really want in a woman is the following.






    emotionally stable personality

    • awe why do you gotta be so anonymous and such? don't be so shy xD I don't bite... and thanks that helps :)

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  • Youth


    Not a slut

    Not a single mother


    Sexually compatible (tastes & sex drive)

  • looks


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