Why won't girls hold eye contact with me?

I find this happening especially when walking past girls coming in the opposite direction. They look at me from further back then when they get close it's like they don't care. Do they do this to all guys because they have dignity or something? Or do they not find me attractive?


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  • you are either too ugly/ good looking/ weird. hope that helps! good luck

    • How do you figure that? I think your information is slightly misleading...

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    • Well no people tell me I look angry most of the time. I'm not but I do get nervous when I see a group of girls walking from the opposite direction.

    • do what you have to do to relax and feel better about yourself...whatever that may be..working out, hobbies, etc...gotta be at peace with your self before anything else, imo.

  • You a cyclops?

    • No, if I were then I'm sure they would stare and then turn around and stare some more. LOL

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