Is it possible to look completely different on video than in photos?

don't wanna post the examples Because it will reveal my identity.

the other day I blogged about a concert I went to. I posted pics from the concert and also a vid talking about everything that happened and how much fun I had. I have posted pics on my blog before but never a vid.

people accused me of not being the same person in the photos as I was in the vid. same hair, same makeup, same clothing, same really was me. but they said the girl in the vid was way prettier than the girl in the pics.

is it possible to look that different?


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  • hell yes, and I don't know why.. seems like on camera my eyes are really pretty and dark but in person it would take hours of make up to do that.. also the flash on the camera can make you look washed out. I usually like how I look on video more than on camera.. I wonder what I really look like? o yea the mirror.. but what if that isn't accurate either! I guess that's what boyfriends are for... lol


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  • yeah. photography uses slightly different technology than filmography. plus you were at a concert, likely screaming your head off. of course on a blog you'll look different.


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