Wedding makeup question!!

In late September I am going to a my boyfriend's cousin's wedding as his date. It's in NEW YORK CITY! I am getting my dress tomorrow but I have no idea what to do as far as makeup and hair go. My hair can be very annoying and I don't know how to do fancy hairstyles at all...I usually straighten my hair Because if I don't its frizzy curly and hard to could I just wear it straight? or should I curl it in loose curls?

Also, I usually just wear simple makeup...powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss...but I wanna step it up a little for this obviously so any tips? I'm not very good at makeup stuff either ha ha I don't know I just never hav the time to experiment.

So if you hav any looks, ideas, or product suggestions please tell me! I wanna look really put together and pretty obviously seeing as how ill be meeting his entire family and I also wanna feel confident! thank you!

ps I'm 20 years old if that helps you w suggestions. haha


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  • So September will be late summer/early autumn right? I suggest doing something little which will turn heads but not over the top.

    What colour is your dress? And what colour skin do you have?

    Personally I have olive skin so I love doing medium dark smokey eyes, they're simple to do and draw attention to your eyes :)

    Something like this maybe link

    Now it doesn't have to be really dark, I have really dark eyes and I find that green goes well with them, what's your eye colour?

    Then you can leave the face pretty natural (use some foundation and concealer to cover up any imperfections and also use a primer on the eye to make sure the make up stays put the whole day).

    Use very little blusher, just to give your cheeks a bit of a glow or you can use a highlighter instead.

    Then depending on the colour of your eye make up and your dress, do your lips a natural colour, so light pink or slightly coral.

    I like straight hair but I think it might be a little plain for a wedding, you can always add a hair piece like a flower or something.

    Alternatively you can add a little curl to your hair and give it some volume at the root. Depending on the neck of the dress, you may want to do a loose up do which is so simple to do and there are loads of tutorials on youtube about it. Something like this maybe link or link or link

    Hope you have an amazing time! x

    • For the eyes I saw this which looks good and it's not dark link or link or link x

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    • Let me know the colour and I'll give you ideas, I love make up and such things lol x

    • i love makeup too I just don't usually feel confident enough to try new looks and stuff so I just stick w simple haha. anyways, my dress is a navy blue! thank you so much for helping! :)

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  • Up-dos as well as loose curls are good for weddings. They're elegant and classy. As for makeup, it depends on your hair and eye color for what matches you best. I suggest you go to a department store or MAC and have one of the girls do it for you. Its free and they show you what colors and techniques that are best for you.

    • my hair is brown and my eyes are hazel. I would def like to get my makeup done so if that is at all possible I will get it done at the hotel!

  • If it is possible you can get a make-up artist to do it for you when you're in NY. But if you don't want to, I suggest bubzbeauty's tutorials on Youtube, she is really GREAT.


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