Today I feel bad, I feel not attractive, advice?

What's wrong? why I'm not attracted to just some random girl which find me attractive? life would have been far more easier


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  • It may be no biggie :D It could just be an off-day or something :) At least you don't feel not-attractive everyday! :)

    • Thank you.

      No, I don't feel so everyday. It's only when I feel rejection is in the air. I'd like to be attracted to some scary monster who just finds me attractive and be happy with that... unfortunately, I'm a man and usually prefer attractive girls.

      Hmmm... any lady king kong around you can introduce me among your friends? :(

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    • Thanks again. I'll introduce you back to someone interesting of course.

      I'm thinking about an handsome fashion magazine model, or some second-hand chubby dog sitter half human and half sofa addicted to anhalcoholic beer. A deal :P

    • haha OK then xD Deal :P Thanks! :)

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  • Do you need to be attractive all the time? You certaintly don't want to be attractive to any women, do you? Perhaps, you need to loosen up a little bit. Trying too hard could be back-fire. Looking at your pic, you seem an approachable, easy-going and friendly guy... you shouldn't have any problem meeting/attracting the right woman, unless you're looking for something temporary. Be yourself and have fun. We, women, embrace men who are confindence in themselves.


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  • Because she doesn't make you happy? Don't beat yourself up, and sulk, just go meet more woman man. Go for the girls that you want, not just the ones that jump in front of you.

    • The girls I REALLY want usually want someone much more than me, after a while. I'm not interesting or attractive enough, I guess. But Thanks: in my mind I know you're right. It's my hearth that's not so convinced anymore.

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