Am I the only one that gets annoyed when girls act cute and innocent?

when girls act cute and innocent, when in reality they maybe cute, or where cute a few years ago, but they definitely are not innocent, I think its false advertising


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  • False advertising? Are we some sort of product that you're going to return because we advertised "innocent" but really weren't? I am not into the whole guy/girl stereotypes but its things like this that start them. First of all, how do you know that they're acting cute or innocent? How do you know that they really aren't? And even if they weren't, what does it matter? Just go for a girl who doesn't act like that. I mean what if I said "am I the only one who gets annoyed when guys act like they like you but really only want to get into my pants? that's false advertising" see how that can be a bit hypocritical? Learn to open up your mind just a little bit more and stop being ignorant, then maybe, just maybe, we'll stop stereotyping guys, and you guys will stop stereotyping us. There's actually a lot of us girls who are good girls. Regardless of our pasts or whatever, a lot of us are actually cute and innocent and we're not acting ;).

    • wtf are you talking about I'm just talking about girls that are fake in this respect its very annoying and you find out when you get to know them and its just a waste of time really

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    • you don't know the girls are fake until you know, fake people are everywhere its not like they congregate in one area even priest rape kids so there is no safe haven

    • so if they're everywhere then its unavoidable. I don't see the point for the complaint if you're already aware that you're going to run into a "fake" girl eventually. Just keep moving on until you find the real girl you want.

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  • lol. false advertising... take them to court!
    maybe that's just their personality... who out there is 100% honest of who they are? most of the time, there's a slight disconnect between how we really are and what impression we give others.

  • If they're faking it just to manipulate someone then yeah it's annoying. But if it's just their personality to act that way, then I don't see what the big deal would be.

    • because cute and innocent is not a personality its a state of being

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    • hmmmmm that's the thing with words they are so ambiguous I guess I'm looking for another word then

    • per?son?al?i?ty

      [pur-suh-nal-i-tee] Show IPA

      noun, plural -ties.


      the visible aspect of one's character as it impresses others: He has a pleasing personality.


      a person as an embodiment of a collection of qualities: He is a curious personality.


      Psychology .


      the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual.


      the organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of the individual.


      the quality of being a person; existence as a self-consci

  • But not all of it is false advertising, girls exist who are actually innocent and not pulling off a lie.

    • yeah then I wouldn't mind I'm attracted to those girls I think most guys are which is why girls be fake and act like that

  • i love it!we all know, guys are blinded by appearances.

    i love how everyone thinks I'm so innocent.
    gives me a lot of freedom. in school I could paint the windows of our classroom pink at night and when another classmate suspected me, the teacher gave her detention because he couldn't believe somebody was suspecting ME to do something so bad.

    or I always get away with stuff. why do you think the people in school, my friends, etc. always asked me to go talk to a certain person in order to get what we wanted? it's all about maninpulation. but yea, I do make sure, other people don't have to suffer because of it.

    everyone has a tiny bad side =D

    • hmm or maybe it's better to say, that I really am innocent, but most people don't know the other side of me. I don't allow everyone to see it. but the innocent, sweet side definitely exists and it's what I act like maybe 70% of the time

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    • yeah you're more of what I would call, mischievous like a little kid that shakes up a can and gives it to hid dad or something to get a good laugh

    • yay, that's cool :D haha

  • maybe it's not an act


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  • Yeah, or like they'll dress up really nice and act all cute and put on their "good girl" face for everyone, and you absolutely love their style and everything about them, but then only look for temporary relationships and party all the time? Shows a certain degree of fakeness IMO.

    It's like, "don't give me the impression that you're this amazing, mature woman, when really, you're pretty much just a typical college girl"... Why would you dress to impress if you're only out for a good time, ya know?

    • yeah its just fake people in general

  • Why repost?

    • low traffic on the other section

  • Yeah... I think you are...

    What's the big deal if a girl acts innocent but really isn't? Can you give us an example of how this personally hurt/affected you?

    • i just hate fake people, fake people in general but I don't like how these girls try to manipulate you in this manner

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