Should I be jealous?

I'm white and boyfriend is black. He is recently dealing with this woman, who is his new supervisor. She is white and married to a black man, with kids.

So my boyfriend, has known her for maybe 6 months or so, work related and then started to do some work at her house.. He told me that he feels a bit awkward when he's around her because she has the body that a black man would be attracted too.. He doesn't want her husband to be jealous...Ok that's one thing.

He has met the family, and today he was doing some work at their house, which he did tell me to stop by on my way home from work.. Met her and the family. My guy is truly way more attractive than her husband.. its obvious.. she's walking away from us... and he's talking to me saying ... do you see the booty on her! I'm like yep... So later at home.. I say to him " I can see why you're attracted to her.. and he goes I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO HER!. and he goes not ape mad but pretty mad.. saying I can't believe you're saying that to me, I knew it was a mistake having you go there, just so mad at me for saying that.. and I'm like, You're talking to ME like I'm a dude.. saying " look at that booty"..I'm not jealous its just obvious that you are attracted to her in some way.. She is saying to me, my son just loves his muscles because he's so much bigger than his dad"" is what it is...

He goes storming in his house.. and I leave... So was I wrong for saying what I said or his he or what?


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  • He can find her attractive, without actually being attracted to her. It wasn't a smart move of your part, but he shouldn't have gotten that mad either. So I'd say it's about 50/50.


What Girls Said 1

  • He shouldn't have said that to you but I don't think he was thinking when he did. He probably didn't mean it like that as well and he shouldn't have gotten that mad about it. You had a right to say something because it bothered you and anytime something bothers you/hurts you then you need to speak up to your partner or it'll just stay inside and build up more. I think that you're over thinking it, until he gives you a solid reason to doubt your trust for him then don't. This is one of those situations where its better to just call a truce and realize you both were wrong and then move past it.


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