Clothes on skinny guys?

What kind of clothes are attractive on tall skinny guys? Normal t-shirts fit me like a 12 person tent but I don't want to spend all my money on stupid hollister skinny crap. Skinny shirts are ok but uber expensive. What to do? Jeans advice would be appreciated as well. I normally wear boot cut. Should I try something else?


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  • im not sure if you still need advice or not on this considering this was so long ago.. but if your looking for new style options you don't have to spend a lot, like urban behavior, American eagle, heritage 1981..even ordering stuff off the internet can be cheaper.. depending on if your parents will let you use there credit card. but anyways if you think your super skinny try T sh*ts that are fitted but not tight, and layering could work really well for you.. like wearing jackets over a button up shirt that has a t-shirt under it. or even just wearing cardigans over t shirts, I'm not exactly sure of your style but it might be fun to try something new. for your description I would say the more button front shirts the better. there sophisticated and casual and can go along way when it comes coming up with many different outfits. also just some trendy T-shirts or hoodies would work really good to. like these for example.. link as for jeans, I'm not sure if boot cut really works for anyone, and you don't have to go uber skinny. any straight leg jean or a jean with a bit of skinny cut would work really well. but don't go tight just go a tiny bit baggy something like these.. link hopefully I helped!


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  • Button-down-the-front shirts (untucked) with not too baggy but DEF not skinny jeans is a good look for tall lanky guys. Or, try t-shirts with horizontal stripes at the chest and arms to give the illusion of more width there. It does wonders! Jeans don't have to be expensive to be hot. Just find some vintage-wash classic fit jeans. Wearing a nice belt can also greatly improve your overall "look."

    Whatever you do, avoid the two other extremes! Extremely baggy just looks like a tent flapping in the breeze (and like you're concealing weapons or drugs--where do you think the style originated? lol) and skinny jeans just make skinny guys look like clowns haha.rule of thumb--if your legs are skinnier than the average girl's, skinnies are NOT for you. haha. They also make guys' feet look unattractively big, even if he isn't skinny.

    good luck! If you have other questions, comment/message :D hope this was helpful.


    • Actually... I think if You're a guy trying to pull off skinny jeans and you're the size of a girl or larger and not smaller, then you would fill out the jeans and the thighs would be rounder and it might look faggy. I don't know... Your opinion??

    • I personally don't care for the look of skinny jeans on guys no matter what the size, but I know girls who do. Personally, I think it's definitely hotter if the guy doesn't look like he's wearing MY jeans. lol!

  • ewww dont! girls hate skinnny guys.u dontneed muscle or anything.but try to wear baggy stuff its more attractive.skinny is turn offf

    • Baggy stuff makes me think of what the rapper people wear in city. I wouldn't be cought dead in that stuff. So, are normal JC Penny type shirts and boot cut jeans acceptable?

  • hmm, I'm not expert...

    but my boyfriend is really tall and skinny and he wears button down flannel shirts, fairly fitted.

    and levi jeans, also fairly fitted all the way down his leg (not skinny jeans though...)

    i think they are levi 511's...pretty sure.

    he also wears thermal shirts...and plain t-shirts (if you don't mind them fitting right above your belt you could try buying simple shirts in the "little" boys' section...?)

    anyway, I think he looks great and dresses really well for his body.

    also, try thrift stores and remember that it won't always be easy finding clothes that work for you. but it's possible, I'm sure.

    i hope I helped a bit...good luck!

  • have you tried going to TJ Max? They normally have cheap clothes, that look good. Also, maybe Pac Sun? It's not as expensive there as some stores.

    For jeans, just wear something that fits, and that you think you look good in. The girls will come, trust me.

    • Yes, Burlington Coat Factory for me, Ross, Marshall's. I actually wear 2 shirts generally. An undershirt, a tshirt, and a fitted dress shirt, or a Geoffry Beene shirt, or a cufflink shirt as those are generally fitted. Now, I do the long sleeve under short sleeve deal too and girls seem to find it nice. Wear long but tighter fitting shirts. And DO NOT WEAR BAGGY PANTS. I mae that mistake for 4 years, and you know, it makes you look skinnier. However, do NOT wear skin tight pants.

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  • Well, I'm not gonna say what clothes are attractive on tall skinny guys, but I recommend looking into some regular vintage-cut jeans like one of the previous answers said, skinny shirts = no. They make you look awkward depending on your hair cut, your hair cut is also a determinator for your overall look.

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