What should I do with my hair?

So I'm sick of my hair. Before spring started I chopped it from mid-back up to my chin, now its past my shoulders again. I dyed it from bright red, to auburn, to chocolate brown, and now I bleached and have a golden blond (my natural color). I want to do something like this:


but I don't know if I have the face for it.

Obviously not that color because I am trying to grow up a bit (second year of college, trying to find a good job, etc), but maybe something either blue/black, purple/black, or just keep the blond with some color thrown in on my natural highlights.

I don't really have anyone to ask about this, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask you people out there. Any other suggestions you guys have are appreciated, thanks guys.
I'm also kind of confused by my face shape, I've been told I have an oval, a heart, a square, and a round face, and every site I look at has a different way of telling. Any help here?


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  • k so I don't think that would look good, I have a big head and long hair(extentions)but I'm going to get my hair cut like link or link but I wouldn't go shorter on your face structure

    there very cute and not a lot of people have them anymore but there going to be in soon, short hair is coming back

    • My hair grows super fast, it only took four months for it to grow from my chin to my shoulders and I'm sick of trims, so I want something really short so it doesn't get too long too fast.

    • ill message you some short cuts : )

    • cool, thanks

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  • get a pixie cut link link with long bangs and shave the back

  • I'm not a huge fan of that hair style. Do you just want something short or that particular cut? If that's what you like, go for it. If you're wanting a job (depending on what job you're going for), your best bet is to keep the color natural-looking.

    • I want something short, but so short that it can't grow back in a few months. I'm definitely keeping it on a more natural side, I just hate boring hair so I need some sort of color or uniqueness to it. I'm only looking into part time work so I can afford a bit of color.

    • You could do a pixie cut like link

      Not a lot of women can pull off hair that short though. You could also think about a bob/stacked cut like link I use to have my hair cut similar to this, and I liked it a lot. I also think a lot more people can pull this off. Either way, if you decide to go super short, you have to keep up with hair cuts because it loses it's shape and

    • starts to just look like a mess. If you don't want to keep up with getting your hair trimmed, your best bet is to keep a longer hair style.

  • I love it, it is really bold and edgy.

    But know that once you cut it and it's not right for your face it will be stuck like that until your hair grows back...

  • i don't really like that hairstyle but we may have different tastes , do what ever you feels good and comfortable


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