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would you rather be cute or hot because sometimes I see girls that are ten times hotter than I am and I just want to become them so bad like I get hrdcore jealous. Its cause people call me cute so I think to myself "i don't want be cute, adorable, or nice.i wanna be drop dead gorgeous"


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  • Yeah, I want to be gorgeous too, but all I get is cute. :-) Become comfortable with your cuteness and be confident. Confidence can do wonders and can make cute, sexy. You don't have to be gorgeous to be sexy. No one can easily switch from being cute to gorgeous, so just be happy with what you have. Accentuate the positive.

    I went on a makeover site and experimented with hair and make-up this improved the way that I looked at myself, felt about myself and I think it made me "hot." I'm still not gorgeous, but I feel a lot better about myself and I get less people calling me cute. The place I went to do this was called, but I am sure there are other ones out there. It really helped me figure out how to part my hair in a way that accentuated certain features and helped not to accentuate others (like my big nose). :-)


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  • to be honest there is no harm in the cute,adorable and nice comments. I think for girls hearing those comments should be more of a compliment because what guys are saying is that you are good looking and we like you as a person. If a guy says wow she is hot it is really jus thinking I wouldn't mind having sex with her and that is that. I would like the cute and adorable girls a whole lot more, so when you hear this take it more as a compliment.

    • Yerh I totally agree with what this guy is saying

      if a guy calls you cute then he is saying you look good and they like you as a person

    • Well this is the sort of girl that I would consider the type I would go for

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  • I think being cute is the best! No matter what, you can always be cute, whether you're wearing the right clothes, makeup, etc. I think that those extras are what make people hot. Ever seen a hot person who wasn't all done up?

  • i have that same problem. I hate being cute, but really its not a bad thing because a cute girl can become hot with clothes, makeup, hair, body work if you need it, but a hot girl can't always be cute. I would rather be gorgeous and hot because guys seem to go for those girls more. I'm cute but have nothing to show for it!

  • i always get called cute

    and I'm cool with it id rather be cute than hot