If a guy looks at a girl, what do girls think about it?

I have a habit of looking around in the class (especially girls).

So, if I look at a girl, does that mean a girl would think I like her or I am having a crush on her ?

One girl felt I had a crush on her so she asked me on a date, though I had to ignore since I didn't liked her.

So, is this mentality of all the girls or just a few ?

  • YES, all girls feel that the guy is having a crush on her.
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  • Some girls feel that the guy is having a crush on her.
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  • None of the girl would think that the guy is having a crush on her.
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  • Girls feel that the guy is shy .
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  • Girls feel that something is wrong with him or herself.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends with the way he looks at me.How he looks,wht is his reation.If he smiles I might think he just tried to be friendly but if he gave me a weird look without smiling I would think tht I might have something tht he doesn't like generally. I've few guys in college who tend to look at me with naughty eyes when I'm wearing tight shirt so obviously I guess I know wht are they thinking about.I don't mind they look but if they keep looking for a long time its pretty annoying.In your case,it depends how the way you look at her.Some girls tend to assume tht when a guy looking at them means the guy like or attracted to her while some girls feel insecure about themselves(their look).For the girls who are generally friendly they won't think tht much.Its all about the girls attitude.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well look around here, the number one indicator of interest for a lot of 'OMG IS HE INTERESTED IN ME?!' is eye contact. So you are using (abusing?) a flirtatious signal and giving out the wrong message. Why else would you look at a girl if you aren't interested in her after all?

    • I look around even around boys lol ...and that's pretty instinctive to me..also I am not a bi if you may call me ...I am straight lol ...but I can't help myself from looking around.

  • Uhm well no. I mean I myself could be looking around the room and I make eye contact with a lad. I'm not day dreaming about us being together forever, planning our life in my head...I'm thinking about what to have for lunch.

    • so, which option would you choose ?

    • None of them really sorry. I would just assume I looked good that day.

    • cool ..

What Guys Said 1

  • It feels like any time I look at a girl they think I like her. If I don't look at them they assume I am too shy or that I am gay.

    • wow, it's the same with me lol

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