Signs of a guy liking or I'm just confused?

ok so there's are the signs:

-looks to see if my car is in drive way when driving past

-knows my moms car drives past it slow then usual to see if I'm in there.

-stares at me when out

and then I went to talk to him a couple of times on Facebook and nothing not even a hello what in the world is this boy thinking


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  • stalker! nah I joke well sounds like he might be interested in you but I don't really know.. sometimes ill look every time to my neighbors just because I find her cute, but I have no feelings for her and she ain't my style.. its just eye candy


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  • Those are signs of a guy liking you. Those are signs you think he likes you.

    • yeah but he's really hard to read

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    • ahh now I understand how can you really find out ?

    • Try to flirt..without being so flirty...

      when he messages who say crap like imy and your too cute and etc lol

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