Would you like a girl like this...

I dress kind of grunge (converse hi top sneakers, jeans, plaid flannel shirts and all that) or sometimes tie dye stuff. I usually straighten my hair and sometimes sleep on it and leave it sort of messy but it looks cool not like ratty and stuff. I have DD breasts. I'm pretty short and I'm not fat but I'm not like a stick. Not very religious, big dreams. Apparently I'm funny and good to be around. I know I'm not ugly but I am pretty self-conscious still. I like video games and I don't mind whether a guy is romantic or not, as long as he's spontaneous and funny and nice to me. I don't play games with people's minds. I hate bitchiness and I would rather hang out than go out 5 nights a week and spend money.

So would you like a girl like this?

And do you think it's OK for a girl to dress like this?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why has no one else answered you? I'll extend my answer because I hate when that happens.

    Your body type is a kind that guys fantasize but also see as something long term.

    Being funny is a huge plus because who wants to see a girl that's boring.

    Being self conscious however might be a turn off. A guy doesn't want to have to keep convincing his girlfriend that she is beautiful every second and have her deny it.

    Your liking of video games is great because he feels like he will really be able to relate to you, almost like his guy friends. A lot of girls don't like them. I don't really.

    You also seem low maintenance which guys love.

    • I don't mean I'm self-conscious so I need constant reassurance. I'm just not completely comfortable with my looks but I keep that to myself mostly.

      And thanks for your answer =].

    • Thanks for best answer :)

    • It's cool you deserve it.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Hm. The way you look sounds great to me. But I'd need to know more about what your dreams are. And it's very easy to say you want a guy to make you laugh. But are you easy to humour? Passive expectation from a girl usually sees me making my excuses and moving on.

    • Dreams are acting and film.

  • Well I am not into grunge girls because well I'm not grungy. You seem like the kind of girl guys go yeah she's a cool chick. I prefer girls who don't play video games, and who don't have a clue what a fumble means. I like girls who dress nice not saying they have to all the time but the whole grunge dress no not like that. If I was going to date a girl I would want to date a girl who acts like a girl and not like one of the guys.

  • Of course it is OK for a girl to dress like this. You can dress however you want. But a lot of guys I know are more attracted to a little more lady like presentation. you know, skirts and the like. However, I am sure there are plenty of guys out there that dig that style.

  • Hell ya I would so like u! Your my type of girl. Also there is no problem with the way you Dress, if they is how you choose to dress that is your choice and it's kind of cool if you ask me.


What Girls Said 2

  • Your way of dress is different what makes you more unique, you sound like a nice girl and it's a big plus when you have sense of humour. Different guys like different girls so there're guys who will like you =]

  • Of course! You sound like a good quality girl who has a good personality.