Looking at me with a sad face. Why does she do this thing?

I was at this party and there were this supercute girl who was dancing somehow with her chin down looking up at me all the time at me, not smiling, like a neutral, almost a little sad face and looking up and down with her chin down, like her face were pointing towards the ground in front of her but the eyes at me :S what does it mean?


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  • Probably means that she likes you but doesn't deem herself good-looking enough to be able to have a look at you and didn't want that to damage any of her fun time.

    That's what I'd say.

    She might have just liked you, as like hey he's hot because otherwise... wouldn't it have been different?

    That's what I think.


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  • I think it probably means nothing and you're reading into something you really should be reading into. But that's just me.

    You could talk to her. That would be a better indication.

  • might find you attractive

    or unattractive

    u really can't tell , unless you ask her


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  • @Mortalgod21hfzelvqr why do you think that?

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