What clothes should I bring on vacation?

I am going to a warm / hot sunny place. I am looking forward to the beach! I have 2 pairs of bikini wear, I might buy another. What do you guys bring or have suggestions for me? Thanks.


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  • You should just buy enough pairs of bikinis that you can wear that all day, everyday and I'm sure you'll have a very fun vacation (; lol

    In all seriousness:

    tanning oil




    extra $


    • oops forgot the question was mostly about clothes, obviously the bikinis, clothes you can wear in public places but still eye catching, & clothes for the club

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  • Winter coat & boots


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  • For a second when I was looking at the title I was like, "what the HELL is a vaca?!" And then my brain clicked. BUT. I'd definitely bring a couple different swimsuits. Shorts, tank tops. That sort of thing. Sandals will be important. And, depending on what you're planning, perhaps some club wear.

  • Definitely get more than one bathing suit. You will want to have one clean to wear while the other one is being washed or dried. Also bring a couple pairs of flip flops, a cover up or two, and a nice maxi dress for the evening. Even a good beach towel or blanket to sit on would be good. And don't forget sunglasses and a hat.

    Bring a nice dress in case you go out somewhere nice, some nice shoes, maybe a pair of flats. And some warmer clothing. Then just some basic clothes like shorts and t-shirts.

  • Summer clothes. I think you're old enough to figure that out.

    • Seriously though, do you really have to ask that?

      I think it's pretty obvious what clothes you should bring. The usual shorts, skirts, tees, tanks, floral dresses, and rompers...It really depends on you.

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