Flattering clothes for shorter girls?

I'm barely 5'3 and 93 lbs. My waist is 55cm. I'm somewhat of an hourglass shape (only because I have a thin waist :/) and have relatively normal-smaller sized breasts (I can fit into a C, usually a B). What kind of clothes would flatter my figure?

A huge problem is that I have a shorter back - not enough to notice, but when I wear a puffier shirt that's cinched at my waist with a belt, from the side, I look like a marshmallow with a string tied in the middle... Would off the shoulder tops look good?

Hope I put enough information :) Help? Thanks!


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  • Try going to petite stores, they tailor the clothes for people who are shorter. And you might have better luck with some pieces. I have the opposite problem, I'm about 5'6" and everything is too short :P

    But my mom is 4'11" and she has the same issue as you. Most tops are too long, almost a dress on her. So I would definitely try going to petite stores or stores that carry petite sizes.

    If you have an hourglass figure, you should be OK to wear most styles. Places like Winners usually carry petite clothing sizes, and they have some pretty nice styles :)

    • Haha :) you're so tall! Lucky! thanks! It had never struck me that I should've gone to a petite store before... Despite the fact that there's one a block away from my place. O_O Anyhow, thanks a lot! :)

    • Yea no prob! I know what you mean, a lot of people figure they should just be able to go out and get clothes at any store. But few people can get that perfect fit with store bought clothes. Just watch What not to wear, they always talk about tailoring. But a petite store is probably your best bet. And find stores that seem to sell smaller stuff, I know a lot of mall stores do, especially Garage, their tops should fit fine on you :)

    • Awesome! I'll try Garage, then! :)

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  • yeah, those would probably look good


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