I want to grow a goatee, but I don't want it to look crazy. Help?

I have to shave every other day. After two days of not shaving I have like a mini stache going on. I'm pretty sure I could grow a mustache, but I want to grow a goatee. I'm thinking about just letting my face grow for like a month to see how thick my face hair actually is.

I have been dating a girl for 7 months now so I haven't let it grow at all since. I have kept my face shaved. I have to shave more often than I used to. Last year I could go like a week without shaving without it looking crazy. Now I have to shave every other day. What do you older guys think?
i'm 21 by the way so it's pretty sad xD I don't get it though my dad can grow a beast of a beard.


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  • Goatee Belong on Goats.

    Why are you trying to grow one?

    Are you a goat?


  • personally I don't like facial hair. so I'd say don't grw it at all (:


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  • dude the best thing you can do is let it grow, shape it up, and see what you think about it...and of course your girl!


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