When girls make eye contact with me?

Hey, new here. Sometimes I notice girls staring at me, but I'm not sure if they're just randomly staring or are interested. Would I be wrong in thinking that if I notice a girl staring at me more than once that they're interested?



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  • Sup? welcome to GAG & nah dude, there're a couple reasons.

    1) Yeah they may have an interest you're right there.

    2) The notice you staring at them. Maybe just happenstance, you make eye contact, but they noticed you noticed, so now they're curious if you're staring at them.

    3) maybe they aren't and you just think they are. lol


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  • if you only catch a girl looking at you once, its pobably just random staring. but if you catch them multiple times or if they quickly look down or away out of shyness, then they're probably interested. try looking at them and see how they respond. if they smile at you then theyre interested. if they give you a dirty look, don't try anything haha. hope this helps (:


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  • if theyre staring, makes sense they'd be a bit "interested" right, they are looking at you after all. but the thing is this is such a little detail to say if they really are interested in you, next time you notice a girl staring, talk to her! the wonders of communication..


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