Should I try to talk to her or not?

I've been going to the same park for about a month now, and there's one girl that's caught my attention. I've seen her looking at me and I'm not sure if she thinks I like her because I make brief eye contact. We haven't had any conversations at all. Today I noticed she was in my proximity with 3 of her girl friends watching a game I was playing but I don't know if she wanted to talk or not because she was a couple feet away from me with a bunch of her friends and maybe they just wanted to see the game. My problem is that she also has a huge bunch of guy friends that are always around her and her friends. They're basically tough guys and some of them are in a gang. I don't know if approaching her will set some of them off and cause problems in case she's actually dating one of them or if one if them likes her too. They are known to start fights and cause problems in the park. No matter what, there's always someone next to her and I never get an opportunity to isolate her.

So my question is, should I try to talk to her or not?


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  • When she is alone, yes.

    I don't recommend talking to her if she's in a group, because of the "gang' you mentioned. Girls who are interested in guys, need to stop doing that.. Freaking intimidating as hell.


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  • Sure try to talk to her! But not because of love at first sight.

    I think it's more of lust at first sight

    Yes it happens ocasionaly,but it's not a good idea to expect "lust at first sight" to always end up well.It's common opinion that love is emotion,feeling-the butterfly feeling in the stomach,stars in your eyes.It's not! Love is act,doing stuff for someone even when you don't feel like it..etc.I like to imagine love as a flower planter by you-you plant in,water it,take care of it,don't let weeds take over it,and you keep water it and taking care of it,watch it grow,and after days,weeks,months it blooms!And then keep growing and opening the more you water and take care of it.

    Maybe that's why many relationships collapse..Because no one's really to work for the love.No one thinks the seed needs to be watered.No one's ready to be shelter when there are storms trying to destroy the sprout.No one's ready to clear the ground from weeds.That's why very few people get to see the flower completely bloomed

    • You're absolutely right, it is lust. Love is allowing the spiritual growth of another person. I don't know much about her, but I'm willing to try anything. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

    • That's the spirit! :D

  • try talking to her entire group of friends as a whole. if you get to know all of them it won't seem like you're hitting on her specifically but you can still findout if she's taken without pissing her boyfriend off. and you might wanna approach when thier guy friends aren't there lol :)

    • Yeah that sounds like a good idea. Her guy friends are always around though, I've managed to befriend some of them, I guess the only way to get to her is by going through her friends. Thanks!

    • anytime :))

  • Definitely talk to her! I've seen cute guys at the beach or someplace and I just wish they'd come up and say "hey" and introduce himself. I'm too shy to do that but I always hope a guy will. And she definitely isn't there to see the game, she's watching you! She probably thinks you're cute and wants to show you to her friends.

    • Yeah I'm not sure, how it happened was she was hanging out with her guy and girl friends, then I started playing a game. She got up and her girlfriends went with her to my area. I didn't hear her talking about me, just gossiping about her friends. I looked at her once and she saw me, but we didn't talk. A few minutes later, she went back to where she was seated, but I saw her looking at our game from a distance. That's it.

  • Maybe keep going and see if you can catch her when it's just her and the girls or just her by herself...I say that because I'd be scared of the gang guys if I were u! lol

    • Yeah I'm gonna have to wait for the perfect opportunity. Those guys are a problem, I don't know how they would react to me flirting, I've actually seen them get physical with other people. In the past month, I've seen 2 fights.

    • Yikes! Be careful!

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