Why Did He Smile To Himself?

There's this teen guy I like, and he seemed to time this situation perfectly, so he could run into me. I had to deliver something to his house and we were both walking up there at the same time. While he was walking, I am 97% sure I saw him smiling to himself. He then turned to me and took what I needed to deliver, and said thank you in a lower tone of voice. He also looked right at me, but I didn't catch any smile that time. A few days ago, he stared at me in the eye from a distance and he didn't break eye contact.

Why did he smile to himself and what was he thinking?

From what I know, he seems like a nice person.


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  • He likes you.

  • He thought of something funny? The guy obviously thinks you are cute. He was probably thinking of what he wanted to say to you, and one of the things that went through his head seemed funny. He may have thought, there's no way I can say that to her (whatever that was).

    • Also if you were giving off signals that you liked him, he may have picked up on them and that gave him a little moment of happiness.

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